Root Canal Therapy

Are you worried about an upcoming root canal therapy appointment? Despite what you may have heard, root canal therapy does not cause you immense pain, but instead, works to alleviate pain and to save a tooth that may otherwise need extraction. Here, at Laguna Oaks Dental, we have options available to you to reduce any anxiety. We strive to make your visit to our office a comfortable and positive one!

Root Canal Therapy Indications
A root canal is a natural hollow in the center of a tooth that contains the tooth pulp. You may need root canal treatment if decay has spread to the tooth pulp, if infection or an abscess have developed inside the tooth or at the root tip, or if you have suffered injury or trauma to the tooth.

Indications you will need root canal therapy often include a severe toothache, swelling or tenderness, tooth sensitivity, or an abscessed tooth. You may not experience any symptoms, so it is essential to keep up with your regular dental appointments so that we can identify any potential dental problems and treat them before they progress. 

What Are the Benefits?
Root canal therapy not only relieves you of pain and many potential problems but also saves your tooth, allowing you to maintain its natural look and function. You will avoid many treatments down the road, including extractions, implants, bridges, or dentures. With care, your treated tooth can last a lifetime!

What Should You Expect?
Your endodontic treatment will usually require one or two appointments to complete, depending on whether you opt for a traditional crown or an in-office crown. We will start by taking an x-ray of your tooth to determine its condition. We will numb the area using a local anesthetic and may provide sedation for your comfort. We will place a dental dam to keep your tooth clean and saliva-free. Our endodontist will carefully remove the tooth decay and the inflamed pulp. After cleaning, disinfecting, and shaping the area, we will fill the root canals and seal them off.

For traditional crowns, we will make impressions of your teeth that a dental laboratory will use to create your new restoration. We will fit you with a temporary crown while your permanent one is getting ready. During a follow-up visit, we will place your permanent restoration on your tooth to protect and strengthen it, and to allow it to look, feel and function like a natural tooth.

For in-office crowns, we will use a tiny intraoral camera to take 3D images of your tooth, which a computer uses to design a model of your restoration with precise measurements. We will use a milling machine to carve out a replica of the model using a single ceramic block. You will walk out of our office with a natural looking tooth and a beautiful smile, all in one appointment!

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