Dental Crowns

Do you have a damaged or severely decayed tooth in need of a dental crown? We, at Laguna Oaks Dental, are proud to offer dental crowns. Treatments with traditional crowns can take two or more appointments, but our revolutionary CEREC technology allows us to treat your teeth and design, mill, and fit you with a fully customized crown - all in one visit!

Traditional Crowns
Traditional crowns usually require at least two appointments and may take several weeks to complete your restoration. We will first make an impression of your teeth with a putty-like material and send it off to a dental laboratory to create your crown. You will need a temporary restoration until your next visit.

During your following appointment, we will fit you with your permanent crown. We will make any needed adjustments and will cement your restoration in place. In the event there is a problem with the fit, we will need to send your crown back to the laboratory, meaning you will need to schedule an additional appointment.

In-Office Crowns
CEREC stands for Ceramic Reconstruction. It is a revolutionary system of designing and producing high-quality dental restorations in only one appointment. It utilizes CAD/CAM technology to devise a virtual dental restoration without the need for any impressions. CAD stands for computer-aided designing, while CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing.

In-office or CEREC crowns are trending today. Not only will you restore your smile in just one appointment, but you also preserve your tooth structure as they require less preparation than traditional restorations. Your new ceramic crown will restore your tooth to its natural look and function, seamlessly blending with surrounding teeth. The material used is stain-resistant and is extremely strong and durable. You will enjoy a natural looking smile for years to come!

What Is the Procedure?
We will first prepare your tooth, and then we will use a tiny intraoral camera to take digital images or impressions. Based on the images collected, the CEREC software creates a virtual 3D model of your tooth with precise measurements. We use this model to construct your new restoration utilizing a milling machine that carves out your new crown from a ceramic block.

After we add finishing touches to your crown, we will immediately place it on your tooth. Your new restoration comes in a perfect size, shape, and shade to restore your tooth's form and function and to enhance your natural smile!

Caring for Your New Crown
Caring for your new crown is the same way you would care for your natural teeth. Make sure to maintain meticulous oral hygiene through brushing twice a day and flossing daily. It’s important to keep up with your periodic dental exams and cleanings every six months to ensure your crown stays in great shape. With proper care, your restoration can last a lifetime!

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